World of Warcraft – Prepaid Game Card FAQ

The World of Warcraft prepaid game card allows you to continue your epic questing in game for 60 days without the use of a credit card. Prepaid game cards are great because you can play World of Warcraft without being forced into signing up for a subscription and only paying as you go. Many gamers forget about their subscription while Blizzard continues to make money off of the fees!

The WoW prepaid game card is available at a variety of retailers including, Walmart and Target. I recommend that you purchase your prepaid game card from Walmart [locator] or Target [locator] because there are stores everywhere and you can walk in and buy it. Ordering online is not recommended because there is usually a delay between the order time and when the product is actually received. This will restrict you from playing immediately and no one wants that!

Purchase your World of Warcraft 60 Day Pre-Paid Time Card

If you have access to a credit card and would like to play immediately without subscribing to the service, you can purchase a game code from the Blizzard store. World of Warcraft game codes are available in 1, 3 or 6 month increments and allow you to immediately jump into the game.

Note: If you have your subscription currently set up with a credit card, you must cancel that completely once you switch to prepaid game cards. If you do not cancel completely, you will continue to be charged on your credit card once the prepaid time has expired.

Do World of Warcraft prepaid game card generators work?

There are a lot of videos on youtube that talk about World of Warcraft Prepaid Game Code generators. These do not work and are not legitimate. Typically they will take you to a website that will ask you for information (phishing) and possibly lead to even hacking your computer. Avoid them at all costs.

For more information visit the Blizzard website.

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